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 One size doesn't fit all. 

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Less guessing, more guidance.

Work with your own health coach from wherever, whenever.

Your coach will set your diet, action plans and goals, then be there every step of the way as you track your progress to achieving a healthier version of you!

One size doesn't fit all. Imagine having your own tailored diet, your own qualified nutrition coach and all the support you need at your fingertips at an affordable price.

The reimagining of dieting

Introducing the worlds simplest food logging technology.  You no longer have to look up every item of food you eat. Just write it, and the system will do the rest!

Me Food logging
Me Food logging

Support & Accountability

Simple Food Journal

Achieve Your Goals

Your qualified nutrition coach is there to support you every step of the way - answering questions and tweaking your diet and behaviour plans.

Me Food logging

Choose the perfect coach...

Join Me Squared and find the right coach for you to begin your journey. Me2 Coaches are fully certified, and our technology helps match you with only the best ones for you and your goal!

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"Love this "At Weight Watchers, I felt like one amongst many. I was wanting a new approach. The combination of what this program offered certainly met my needs. I could contact my coach at any time and she responded promptly.  Now I'm making better food choices and now allowing myself to go overly hungry.

-Floriana L. Retired. 67 Years old, lost 4kg in 4 weeks.

"Given the crazy lifestyle I have, it actually made me aware of what I'm eating...Definitely a game changer".

-Kate B. Stylist. 30yrs old,  lost 3kg in 4 weeks

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The beginning of a healthy relationship

  • No more having to wait weeks before you see or speak to your coach.
  • No more having to follow a diet made for someone else.
  • No more feeling unsupported or uncertain.
  • No more giving up!

Your coach is a click away, your diet is customised around you and your lifestyle. Isn't it time to build healthy habits and relationships with food?

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Get ready!

If you've tried and failed, then maybe it's time to do something else? 

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